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Lessons in Living Your Best Life From Right Where You Are:

  1. 1 Welcome and General Information

  2. 2 LADY Tele-Summit E-Book

  3. 3 How to Improve Your Credit To Save More Money

  4. 4 Jeanne Kelly's Resources

  5. 5 Master the Energy of Your Money More Money Less Effort

  6. 6 Kimberly Sherry's Resources

  7. 7 Create The Life You Love To Live With Feng Shui

  8. 8 Pamela Edwards-Ryan's Resources

  9. 9 Lessons on Style Be Dress Act

  10. 10 Coxy Chiara Rodoni's Resources

  11. 11 Work With Your Inner Doctor to Relieve Stress and Headaches

  12. 12 Lisa K. Y. Wong's Resources

  13. 13 The EcoFertility Method Creating the Path to Pregnancy

  14. 14 Angela Tisci's Resources

  15. 15 Go with the Flow How to Use the Cycles of Your Period and Menopause for a More Harmonious Life

  16. 16 Dr. De'Nicea Hilton's Resources

  17. 17 Tasty Ways To Rid Your Body of Hidden Inflammation For Optimum Health

  18. 18 Dr. Kristin Neibling's Resources

  19. 19 Busy, Ambitious, and Ready to Get HEALTHY

  20. 20 Liz Hronek's Resources

  21. 21 Going from Grief to Great

  22. 22 Jo Hausman's Resources

  23. 23 Live Your True Design! How To Avoid The High Cost Of Living Off-Purpose

  24. 24 Jayne Sanders' Resources

  25. 25 LOVE The KEY Ingredient For Happiness, Fulfillment and Ultimate success

  26. 26 Wendy Darling's Resources

Lessons in Moms! Empower Your Kids, Free Up Time And Finally Start Your Business:

  1. 1 OVERVIEW: Introduction

    Objective: Cursory introduction and general course navigation

  2. 2 0.0 Intro and Overview

    Objective: Expectations and navigating your way throughout the course

  3. 3 0.1 Your Intentions and Goals

    Objective: Setting your intentions for what you want and how you envision your kids' empowerment to play a role in creating more time for you


  5. 5 1.0 Styles of Parenting

    Objective: Here you will identify th e four styles of parenting and what parents of each style do

  6. 6 1.1 Effects of Styles on Kids' Behaviors

    Objective: You will learn what the research says about how each parenting style affects kids' behavior


  8. 8 2.0 What Kids Need to Succeed

    Objective: Here you identify the basics of what your child needs to succeed and feel empowered

  9. 9 2.0.1 What Kids Need to Succeed

    Objective: Here we look at five important areas that your child will need to experience at home to succeed and feel fully empowered to save you time!

  10. 10 2.1 Empowering Choices

    Objective: How present choices that empower your kids and save you time

  11. 11 2.2. Empowering Competence

    Objective: How to empower your child's competence and cautiousness in over-parenting

  12. 12 2.3 Building Community

    Objective: You will explore some ways of building community at home and what it means for your child's empowerment

  13. 13 2.4 Contribution-As Empowerment


  15. 15 3.0 Communication to Empower-Speaking

  16. 16 3.1 Communication-Listening


  18. 18 4.0 Two Sides of Discipline

  19. 19 4.1 Teaching to Empower

  20. 20 4.2 Reinforcing Behaviors

  21. 21 4.3 Goals of Misbehavior

  22. 22 4.4 Correcting Attention Behaviors

  23. 23 4.5 Correcting 'Control' Behaviors

  24. 24 4.6 Correcting Revenge Behaviors

  25. 25 4.7 CorrectingShame Behaviors


  27. 27 5.0 What is Consciousness?

  28. 28 5.1 Summary


Lessons in SAMPLE MODULES: Moms! Empower Your Kids, Free Up Time And Finally Start Your Business:

  1. 1 Overview

    Objective: This is a general introduction to the course and its author along with her qualifications to teach on the subject

  2. 2 Sample Module 1.0 Styles of Parenting

    Objective: Find out which style of parenting you use and pinpoint what you can change to be effective and free up some time.

  3. 3 Sample 1.1 Effects of Styles on Kids

    Objective: In this lesson we look at the research and what it says will likely be the outcome of your parenting on your children.

  4. 4 Sample Module 2.4

    Objective: There are five areas that you need to focus on to empower your kids and free up your time. In this lesson we focus on contribution.

Lessons in Easy Steps to Produce Podcast Shows Without Technical Knowledge and Publish on iTunes:

  1. 1 Overview of Podcasting

    Objective: This is an overview of what you can expect in e course

  2. 2 Lesson 1-Preparing Content For Your Show

    Objective: You learn where to find topics for your show to ensure that your content is fresh and non-repetitive

  3. 3 Lesson 2-Downloading the iTunes App and Exploring the Site

    Objective: You're able to download the ITunes app to be able to access distribution when you get ready to publish your show

  4. 4 Lesson 3-Inexpensive Hardware and Software to Get You Started

    Objective: You learn the types of hardware and software that you can use that will help you to produce a quality show, while at the same time not breaking your budget

  5. 5 Lesson 4-How to Record and Edit Your Show

    Objective: You'll learn the techniques for recording and editing to quickly get your show up and running

  6. 6 Lesson 5-Putting a Professional Touch on Your Image

    Objective: You'll learn how to present your show in a professional manner.

  7. 7 Lesson 6-Hosting Your Show and Uploading to iTunes

    Objective: You'll learn different options for hosting your show and for uploading to distribution to sites such as iTunes

  8. 8 Lesson 7-Outsourcing for Help

    Objective: How to get assistance with getting your show up and running

  9. 9 Lesson 8-Monetizing and Promoting Your Podcast Show

    Objective: Learn how to monetize and promote your show

Lessons in How to Record and Edit Videos From Your Computer Screen:

  1. 1 Course Description Resources and Contacts

  2. 2 Checklist & Resource Guide: How To Record Videos For Creating Online Content

  3. 3 Course Objectives

  4. 4 Introduction and Overview

  5. 5 Lesson Goals and Objectives

  6. 6 Recommended Hardware and Software

  7. 7 Creating Your Slides

  8. 8 Recording Videos and Your Course Content

  9. 9 Editing and Producing Your Video

Lessons in Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile and Connect With Potential Clients:

  1. 1 Video Training to Optimize Your Profile and Do the Searches

  2. 2 Messages to Use to Connect

  3. 3 Sales Navigator--Basic LinkedIn Searches

  4. 4 Requesting the Connection

  5. 5 Downloading Leads and Formatting the Dates

  6. 6 Sending Follow-up Messages

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